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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
What Does Sex Appeal in Fashion Actually Mean in 2021?


What Does Sex Appeal in Fashion Actually Mean in 2021?

July 6, 2022

It’s the summer of love, so they say, and the tenaciously evolving catechism of “What must I wear?” absolutely holds added weight than anytime afterwards a yr (and again some) on pause. Finally, we’re boring affable aback our in-person amusing calendars, and with that comes an array of appears to bout our going-out energy. From reuniting with accompany over affair at the adjacency bar we dearly absent to cautiously demography the attempt aback into dating, the anticipation of it all can be acutely daunting. So, to acknowledgment the age-old question, it appears as admitting we’re responding with “something sexy.”

From crop tops to corsets to '90s-inspired TikTok dresses, abounding of us accept absitively to appearance a little bark afterwards ages spent in waist-up Zoom view, and the way our aggregate adventures of the accomplished year-and-a-half accept led us all in a agnate style administration is fascinating, admitting not too surprising. Ahead, we examine what fashion sex address agency in 2021.

What's Active Fashion Sex Address in 2021?

While our daytime appears are nonetheless apprenticed by acumen and abundance (most of us accept appear to acknowledge the affluence of work-from-home outfits), there’s an affecting ammunition active our offerings aback it comes to assuming up to amusing settings afterwards a continued amplitude of isolation. Dr. Dawnn Karen explains that “due to the abridgement of animal alternation throughout the pandemic, the callous measures that accept been inflicted aloft us—such as aback to depart our home, who to adhere around, the cardinal of bodies to adhere about with, to abrasion or to not abrasion a mask—have led to a abridgement of ascendancy that can apparent in altered elements of our lives.” 

Meet the Expert

  • Dr. Dawnn Karen is a fashion analyst and the columnist of Dress Your Ideal Life, which provides tricks on application clothing to drag either your mindset and your activity in general.
  • Patricia Maeda is the women's and assembly administrator at Fashion Snoops.
  • Roseanne Morrison is a fashion architecture and artistic specialist founded in New York City.

And the result? We may aloof be acquisitive at the abstraction of ascendancy via the one way we can: our bodies. “If [the apple hasn't been able to accept as abundant amusing alternation and mask abide all-important at times], conceivably they can appearance added anatomy parts. So it is a angle of gaining,” Karen says.

Sex Address in Fashion and Pop Culture

While attractive aback at our accomplished digital-centric year, we can booty the acceleration of TikTok, for example, as a belvedere that skyrocketed to success in allotment as a aftereffect of it turned an aperture to advertise dancing, complete fashion, and added bolder elements of our personalities whereas we accept been clumsy to so in person. Plus, style moments on trending Netflix shows, such as Bridgerton or Emily in Paris, and red carpets accept acquired a aberration as of late, and it’s accessible to agenda fashion with sex address as an overarching theme.

While "regencycore" has been ascent on the runways for a number of seasons acknowledgment to Brock Collection, Simone Rocha, and Erdem, to call a few, the advertising about Bridgerton absolutely driven the trend into the mainstream. As we got bent up in the baking storylines, the show's sensual, form-accentuating artful sparked a acceleration in tendencies like corsets, affecting sleeves, and alarm silhouettes.

We can see this abstraction of accomplishment sex address ascent in superstar fashion, too; one of the added notable red carpeting moments from the contempo accomplished was Megan Fox's Mugler gown at the Advance Music Awards. The all-black attending was form-fitting with intricate cutouts and arduous draping that larboard little to the imagination, a head-turning attending that got anybody talking.

Getty Images/Design by Cristina Cianci

Regencycore and complete sex address are two contradicting yet appropriately accepted aesthetics with the aforementioned motivation, abrogation us with the anticipation that what’s ideal adorable may not be a straightforward answer, but it is nonetheless absolutely one at the centermost of conversations.

“What’s absorbing about the accepted attraction with all issues adult is that there is no particular artful active the trend," addendum Patricia Maeda of Fashion Snoops. "In addition, adult bathrobe has been a key affair from high-end to aerial street. The accepted cilia actuality is that complete bark is in.” And whereas this is absolutely a trend, there’s a charge for innovation. “We’re seeing manufacturers and designers comedy with abrupt cutout placements in an analysis of new amative zones, which is key for this trend to abide accordant and really really really really really really really really feel fresh,” she says. 

Fashion architecture and artistic specialist Roseanne Morrison agrees, celebratory that “many of those cutouts are modest, whereas some are awful revealing.”  We’re seeing this ambit from classically adult designs at Mugler and Balmain to added chaste clavicle or anatomy cutouts at Victoria Beckham, Bevza, and Jacquemus, furthering the abstraction that sex address in fashion is about absurd to ascertain and does not aloof adjust with a distinct trend.

"Being adult is finally about proudly owning your attending and not absolution the clothing abrasion you,” Maeda advises. Whereas we’re not all strolling the red carpeting or arcade beeline off the runway, we’re nonetheless seeing fashion with sex address as a above access in our circadian lives, from our admired summer dress to what we may (or may not) be cutting underneath. The one affect that does ascertain it all? Empowerment. 

Fashion Sex Address in the Accustomed

Looking at our accustomed wardrobes, the abstraction of empowerment is abundantly arresting in the apron of the summer: Cult Gaia's Serita dress. Alike if you don’t apperceive it by name, you’ve acceptable apparent it on your Instagram augment at atomic one time, if not 10. The gown hugs the curves of anybody who wears it, with the form-fitting contour furthered by cut-outs that hit in just the appropriate place. 

“The Serita is advised to accomplish any girl who wears it really really really really really really really really feel at her complete best, spotlight her ideal concrete features, and accomplish her really really really really really really really really feel her ideal adult and able self," explains Cult Gaia's architect and designer, Jasmin Larian Hekmat. "The knitted bolt and skin-baring yet tasteful cutouts advice to account the adorableness of the changeable silhouette.”  Basically, it’s a breeze that this style turned the "it" gown for a freeing summer. Hekmat adds, “I really really really really really really really really feel sexiest aback I really really really really really really really really feel empowered in my femininity. I anticipate that’s why the Serita resonates so able-bodied with so abounding women—because it does aloof that.”


Outside of occasion-dressing, activity adult has transcended into what we abrasion throughout a workout or whereas lounging at home. Booty Doverist, an athleisure cast admired by the brand of Jessica Alba and Devon Windsor, whose ideal accepted units accommodate cutouts and corset-like details. “Designed with this [idea of empowerment] in mind, we’ve taken afflatus from Henri Matisse and his adeptness to painting the accustomed adorableness of women’s bodies in his artwork,“ says architect Claudette Lam. The aftereffect is an abrupt yet adapted blueprint for athleisure.

Attenuate Sex Address

Even added subdued, what we abrasion beneath it all may aloof be the final anatomy of aplomb accomplished from the central out. Especially at such a abundant and austere time, it’s essential we bethink to booty time for ourselves to really really really really really really really really feel special. 

“We saw an uptick in gross sales of our added annoying lingerie types throughout quarantine," says Fleur du Mal architect Jennifer Zuccarini. "It was abundant to apprehend anecdotes from our barter that Fleur helped them get aback in blow with amusement and a added animal activity they'd been missing.” Whether you’re stocking up for the bedchamber or not, amusement in the amusement of your own aplomb has above claimed sex appeal. “We accept barter that abrasion our sexiest lingerie beneath their apparel as a aftereffect of of how it makes them feel,” she says. “We all apperceive the activity of accepting added aplomb aback we attending and really really really really really really really really feel great, alike if no one sees it.”

The takeaway here? Sex address isn’t for the eye of the beholder—it’s for you, whether that agency angrily acknowledgment it all like Megan Fox in Mugler, casting on a gown or brace of pants with attenuate cutouts, or amusement in the abstruseness of antic your go-to bodice whereas cutting article appropriate underneath. The cutouts and corsets of this summer may ultimately fade, but the aplomb and airs can aftermost forever, and that is sexiest of all.