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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Methods to fight with Wrinkles


Methods to fight with Wrinkles

May 25, 2022

What are wrinkles?

Your face is the biggest asset of you, your personality mostly depends on it. Try to beautize your face by minimize wrinkles.

Wrinkles are named rhytids, which are the folds present in the skin. 

UV rays damage, tension or stress, proceeding age, dehydration, hectic and tired work schedules, not having enough sleep, excess sugar or oil consumption, smoking, excessive taking of alcohol, due to all these reason wrinkles are visible all over and cause you to appear much mature. When our body produces less amount of elastic and protein collagen, wrinkles start to appear on your skin. Lack of these makes your skin thinner and cannot resist external damage from the environment. Do you notice graceful, crystal clear skin of ladies of China and Korea? They go through many skin-medications, surgeries, or treatments consistently including a balanced diet to enhance their face glow, sparkle, and for young, wrinkle-free skin and then face seems like age is just a number for them. Fashion tells us that a Woman in old times was not all that caring and conscious about her skin and herself. However, the trends are changing as is the impression of the Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi liberal ladies. They want to maintain their skin with different treatments and products to enhance their faces' beauty. Wrinkles are the worst enemy to fight with. around the lips and under-eye wrinkles are the most highlighted ones. No one can get rid of these wrinkles completely, not even Queen Elizabeth can remove them completely, but we can help you by making them less noticeable and also helps you to slow this process.


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I Mentioned the 10 ways to demolish Wrinkles and have smooth skin. 


  • Minimize sun exposure


Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun because the UVA AND UVB rays coming from the Sun damages your skin. It attacks a healthy layer of the skin and causes wrinkles. These rays are so damaging that it may cause cancer. Always use a good quality sunscreen according to your skin while coming out of the home at day time. Use a Sunblock SPF 50+. Do not forget to refresh this Sun protector in every two hours


  • Cleansing your face often


Avoid washing your face oftenly, because it drains all the essential oil from the skin. Follow a habit of cleansing your face twice a day and after cleansing, use a post-cleansing toner to close your open pores, which helps you to regain those oils naturally.


  • Usage of Retinoids


Retinoids are highly recommended by dermatologists to minimize wrinkles. They are the best option to slow down this process. Try using retinoid rich creams like tretinoin. These types of creams help in increasing the process of making collagen and hyaluronic acid in your skin. These creams make your skin thicker and so, fewer wrinkles.

  1. Vitamin C

Use fruits and vegetables that are enriched in Vitamin C or use multivitamin tablets. Deficiency of Vitamin C loosen your skin and is the big cause of wrinkles. Citrus fruits are enriched in vitamins like orange, grapefruit, lemons, and so on.

  1. Consult a dermatologist

 Dermatologists examine the root cause of wrinkles in each patient separately and treat them. There are so many technology-based treatments present, For example, dermal fillers, face lifters, botox, chemical peel, micro-needling, face surgeries, heredity (wrinkles are more common in some families), Dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, Microdermabrasion, and so on.

Let us discuss some treatments here:

  • Micro-needling: This treatment is now possible at home. In this type of treatment, you just need to do some tiny punctures in your skin and then the skin itself tries to make new and fresh skin cells.
  • Chemical Peel: This treatment works as the peeling of your 1st outermost layer of the skin and renews into the new one. It works on the hands or neck.
  • Botox: Botax stands for Botulinum toxic therapy. Relaxing of face or neck muscles to fade the effect of age and so cause in minimizing of wrinkles. Patients can see the clear difference within three days.


  • Limit your sugar usage and oily food


Food is also the main key to refresh your skin. Excessive sugar intake and oily food cause many health issues, which also include cholesterol and wrinkles. So, cut down these items from your routine.


  • Stop smoking


Smoking is dangerous for health for a lot of reasons. It may cause cancer. Researchers found out that a person who smokes is more likely to look mature and old. Quit smoking is a healthy option that includes wrinkle-free skin. Passive smoking is much more dangerous than smoking.


  • Switch your sleeping position


Switch up your sleeping pose, if you sleep daily in the same position. Pressing your face against your pillow hardly, on daily bases may weak that side of the skin and causes wrinkles


  • Sleeping Habit


Sleeping late at night is also the main cause of mature skin as well as wrinkled skin. 

Must sleep for almost 8 hours daily.


  • Remove makeup before sleep


Never sleep with make on. Some cosmetic items have toxic chemicals present in them, that damages your skin. Wipe your face with a water-based cleanser or makeup remover and then splash water on your face before sleep. This healthy routine makes your skin fresh and wrinkle-free for a long time.

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