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Wednesday, 27 October 2021
Trendy Hairstyles and hair cut for boys in 2021

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Trendy Hairstyles and hair cut for boys in 2021

October 27, 2021

Trendy Hairstyles and hair cut for boys in 2021

Let us discuss some hairstyles and haircuts for boys having short hair

In 2021, hairdressers have provided a wide range of trendy men's hairstyles for the boys that will look relevant and interesting. Boys, even in their teens, want to look stylish, because the time when only women or girls looked after their appearance is hair. Now a man is obliged to look well-groomed. Below you will see youth haircuts for teen boys.

Hairdressers are trying to make fashionable and youthful hairstyles out of short hair that emphasizes appearance. In 2021, the favorite hairstyles for teenage boys will not lose their relevance. Short strands emphasize the masculinity of the appearance.


Shaved patterns and stripes

In 2021, the short haircut of famous actors and athletes remains fashionable. Teenage boys often want to follow celebrities. Some people choose a zigzag, while others choose a simple straight line. Sometimes stars, lightning bolts, and even the names of loved ones are made. There are no restrictions on youth haircuts for boys.


Popular in 2021 and semi-boxing. To get a fashionable youth haircut, you need to remove the maximum amount of hair in the temporal zone. And on top, leave a small number of strands, which just makes the hairstyle soft. This creates an interesting contrast between hair and the absence of strands. Such a men's youth haircut does not require styling, and therefore is suitable for adolescents. It is enough to wrinkle your head, dry your hair and you can go about your personal affairs.



To create such a possible haircut in a teenage boy, the maximum volume is removed in the temporal zone, but more hair is left in the parietal and occipital area than with a half-box. When choosing such a short men's haircut for teens, keep in mind that you will have to spend time while styling.


The military is suitable for those teenage boys who do not want to bother in the morning to create the perfect look. It provides for extremely short hair, which may even appear too shaved. But this is the charm of this youth hairstyle. Military can be done even at home because it is very simple. 


This type is very similar to the previous version of a fashionable haircut for a boy, but if in a military they leave a small volume on top, then in an ultra-short hair they remove the hair all over the head. This allows you to create the effect of a complete absence of strands. The short length of the hair provides some volume to the hairstyle. This ultra-short youth haircut is loved by young guys because it allows them to look older or adult.


Such a male youth haircut, like a Canadian in 2021, is again chosen by many star men (actors, singers, presenters, athletes). For showiness, you need to do a little styling. With the help of a hairdryer and gel, you can correctly position a large number of strands that are left on top. A small volume is also left in the temporal zone. The Canadian softens the facial features and makes the male look stylish and youthful. Teenagers will love this masculine hairstyle.


In 2021, Crop can also be called a fashionable haircut for a teenage boy. It looks very unusual and even seems strange to many. Most of the temporal zone is shaved, bangs and hair are left on top in the form of a kind of pot. Such a haircut does not require constant maintenance, because it always looks simple and neat. The crop is made by many foreign actors.


The short Caesar hairstyle is suitable for those teenage boys who dream of looking older than their age. It has a lot in common with Crop but is much shorter. Caesar looks especially good on dark hair, because in this way volume is obtained, and it is impossible to obtain a similar result on light ones.


This type of youth hairstyle for teenage boys began to gain popularity in 2015 and remains relevant. Exceptionally short hair is left in the temporal zone, and long strands are left on top. To look spectacular, you will have to style with a special gel that keeps the elongated hair in the right shape.


Haircut "Messi"

Teenagers love to do everything to be as similar to their idols as possible. No one will deny that Messi is one of the most popular celebrity among young guys. Therefore, you can make hairstyle of the legendary football player. For this, the volume is left on top. But here it is important to remember that such a haircut for a teenage boy needs constant styling, otherwise it will look strange and even ridiculous.


A lovely trendy youth haircut that caught the attention of many teenagers in 2021. This hairstyle on a teenage boy looks pretty interesting. In the temporal zone, a smooth transition is made from short to long strands. This creates an interesting contrast that has no visible border from short to long hair. However, you will also need polish/gel and a hairdryer for styling.


A great youth haircut to consider for teen boys. Hair that is too short. The boxing haircut does not require additional maintenance; therefore it is suitable for young people who do not like to take care of themselves. Boxing looks perfect on different types of hair, so this youth hairstyle becomes an excellent choice for many modern teenage boys.


Incredibly beautiful and youthful haircut, which is performed in the style of the famous film "Hipsters". Of course, few teenage boys decide on such a haircut, because it takes a lot of time to create the right style. A strong volume is left in the parietal and occipital areas; however, the hair is not made short in the temple area either. The hairstyle suits many boys, both in their teens and at an earlier age


A trendy and very youthful haircut for a boy in 2021, which includes short strands of different lengths. Even bangs are formed, which allows you to make the image natural and light. With such a hairstyle, there are practically no difficulties with styling. You just need to dry and comb your hair.


The haircut is incredibly similar to the fashionable hairstyle of the famous singer Sergei Lazarev. A huge volume of hair is left in the upper part of the head, after styling the strands look very lush and festively beautiful. However, you will have to spend a lot of varnishes to make the strands look well-groomed.