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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Tips & Hacks About Hair Extensions


Tips & Hacks About Hair Extensions

May 25, 2022

Girls use hair extensions for a lot of reasons, however, hair extensions can cause your hair longer and heavier and generally speaking, to accomplish the impact of making you look more impressive, but at the same time they come with their group of issues.

Nonetheless, using hair extensions may not be all about happiness, they have their group of issues. Whether which sort of hair extension you use, they will take some time to become accustomed to. These extensions maker your hair fuller and they do add some additional weight, though, but not a ton, just kidding.

Why girls use hair extensions?

Some girls use extensions since they can't develop their hair long enough, or as fast as they might want to. A few girls hereditarily can't develop their hair past a specific length. Other girls may have the option to, yet understand that developing your hair long is a moderate cycle: the normal development pace of hair is around 10 mm monthly, so growing your hair long from, medium/ shoulder length to hips will take some proper time. You may have an event coming up, for example, a wedding or your birthday and there isn't an ideal opportunity to develop your hair adequately long, that adjust your dreamed look on that event.

A few people have the, rough hair or bald spots. There isn't a lot of things, you can do about that to cover them up. But Hair extensions can cover bald patches and they can give a ton of additional volume to this hair.

Wear Highlights

you always want to give a different look to your hair. Highlight your hair is the best option for you. But you are always worried about the risk of different harmful hair products, dyes, or chemicals, that can damage your hair. Hair extension is the best option to remove the risk of hair damage.

There are a lot of hair extensions. You can enjoy different styles of hair extensions. Some kinds of hair extensions, I am going to discuss below

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Difference between synthetic hair extension and Human real hair extension?

Synthetic hair extensions are those that are made of some sort of chemical, fibers especially blending fibers. There is not a single hair that is of human. But they look alike real hair. They are seemed like fine and silky hair.

As the name shows, human hair extension is the one that is collected from a human or a donor, it is made up of human hair, from top to end and is possibility that it remains silky and smooth for the lifetime. They use some sort of chemical on the hair to remain silky and tangle-free.

How does it look like?

Hair extensions come along with different styles, colors, and qualities. Synthetic hair slightly changes from real hair and doesn’t blend with your real hair 100%. I know that it is a hard task to guess the synthetic hair extension because it now comes with very soft and silky hair-like fibers or hair. Real hair extension looks and feels like real hair (indeed it is real). They blend more naturally with real hair.

Although the synthetic hair extension is cheaper than the original hair extension.

Synthetic hair extension does not last long and can easily be damaged from sun, heat, or other factors but original hair extension can last longer up to a few years if you take care well.

Do you style and heat up your hair extensions?

Real hair extensions can be styled differently, you can heat these extensions to make different styles. If you want to style your hair open, then it will also give you the perfect natural look, because it blends easily with real hair.

 But in the case of synthetic hair extension, avoid heating these hair extensions, because it may damage your hair extensions. It doesn’t blend with natural hair easily.

Types of hair extension applications

  • Tape-ins or glued Hair Extensions 

Explain tape in or gel hair extension? 

This is not a daily product, if you wear this, it remains fixed for some weeks or months.

A Tape-in hair extension is actually what the name is. They are pre-taped hair extensions and afterward taped together on side of your natural hair. Regularly, a beautician would apply for tape hair extensions on your hair since it needs to adjust them from the roots of your hair and these extensions apply with a hot instrument that warms up the tape or glue. It is hard to apply at home. Also, when you have to remove these extensions, use a tape or glue remover to remove them. You can use natural hair extension second or third time, until hair extension damages. But synthetic one is usually for one-time use and does not last long as the natural one.

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How to apply for a glued or taped extension?

With these hair extensions, you must be extremely cautious when utilizing conditioners or hair items since this can make the tape lose or slippery if some wrong product would apply. This is an exceptionally basic problem with the tape-in extensions, where the hair extension may loosen and slides off. Along these lines, beauticians, for the most part, suggest you utilize extraordinary shampoo and hair care products that are less brutal and not as slippery.


Normally, when you heat up to your roots and use any glue on them, for example, tape or use glue, this can easily harm your natural hair. This cycle of applying on the extension ordinarily requires around 1 hour

Do they last longer? 

Tape-in hair extensions are viewed as semi-lasting. Normally, they last almost two months and re-apply these extensions afterward. It relies upon how well you deal with them and how much you care about it. This last longer for weeks or even months.

  • A clip-in Hair Extensions 

It is another type of hair extension that is safe and not permanent.

Explain clip-in extension? 

Clip-in extensions arrive in a strand of molded pieces, joined at the root of the hair with a clip or special fabric. Clips are connected at the base of the extension. You should simply clip these hair extension pieces to your hair according to your style and need! Each extension clip can easily open and close.

These are the type of extensions that is temporary; that is meant for a short period like after the event, you can easily remove them.

They are considered to be the least side effects because they don't involve heat, chemical applications, or other types of installments.

Anyone can easily wear these types of extensions in just 10 to 15 minutes at home.

It is one of the most famous types of extension because there is no risk of damaging of hair

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You can easily wash your hair extensions when they get dirty. for natural hair extension, you can shampoo, condition, or brush your hair extension like your own hair but with the synthetic extension, you need to handle it with care and do not wash often.

Although synthetic extensions may damage more easily while applying heat or pressure on them but real hair extensions can be styled with heat and are last longer without damage.

Tip: Apply low heat on the hair extension and must use hair protected serum before heating them.

There are other types of hair extensions also Microlink Hair Extension

Fusion & Pre-Bonded and Fusion Hair Extension

Sew-In Hair Extensions

If you want to know about these types also, do message us. 


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