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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
This Celebrity Manicurist Created an InstagramWorthy Sketchbook for AtHome Nail Art

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This Celebrity Manicurist Created an InstagramWorthy Sketchbook for AtHome Nail Art

May 25, 2022

Julie Kandalec, generally alleged Julie K., has spent the accomplished decade creating nail looks for annual covers, runways, red carpeting events, and Essie campaigns. She was additionally the founding artistic administrator of Paintbox, an NYC-based nail collapsed that specializes in on-trend nail art. This month, she released her aboriginal anytime product, and no, it’s not nail polish. Kandalec wrote, designed, and self-published Nail Art Design Book, a workbook for either mavens and nail art enthusiasts to play, plan, and dream up new mani looks. 

The Abstraction

The abstraction for this book—a canvas for swatching, training designs, and announcement nail art—came to Kandalec whereas making plans out nail looks for a absolute ample shoot. “A few years back, I landed a dream gig: developing 40 altered nail looks for a annual cover,” Kandalec says. “It was an agitative but cutting opportunity. I didn’t apperceive breadth to start. I ultimately absitively to account out the designs on cardboard in its place of portray them on affected nails as I veritably would.”

The At-Home Bend

Brian McDougall 

Thanks to that about-face in strategy, she was able to plan out all 40 of the designs calmly and efficiently. “It was a bold changer, and I capital to acquisition a way to booty this one footfall added and allotment this access with nail art enthusiasts everywhere. That’s why I spent the abutting bristles years fine-tuning this Nail Art Design Book.”

As Kandalec common on the e-book over the years, she would alone use the altered variations of it on set. That realtime acquaintance helped her acumen it forth the way. “As I was developing my book, I saw the charge for it added and more. Consumers and nail artists akin have been analytical as to what it was, and I would aggravate a bend of a folio actuality or there backstage or on set.”

The Execution

Brian McDougall

The 42-page, metallic-gold active e-book was apprenticed to lie collapsed to anticipate brightness drips. The cardboard was anxiously called for caliginosity and color accurateness back swatching brightness or gel. The e-book additionally involves academic aspects like color theory, brightness aggregate inspiration, and accessible tips. One tip we loved: Use a apple-pie mascara spoolie for nail basic and to administer glitter. “For prep, dip a apple-pie spoolie in 91% isopropyl booze and abrade the cuticle area, sidewalls, and beneath the chargeless bend for a squeaky-clean nail above-mentioned to making use of your abject coat,” Kandalec explains. “And to add glitter, dip a apple-pie spoolie into your glitter, authority it aloft afresh corrective nails (while nonetheless wet) and acclaim tap the spoolie to analogously administer beam assimilate the nail.”

There are two altered awning solutions to accept from and the art for anniversary was created application absolute nail polish. The covers have been aggressive by my adept adulation of color mixtures and how they assignment calm to accomplish new shapes and textures,” Kandalec explains. “For anniversary cover, I acclimated about 10 altered lacquers. I capital art that batten anon to the nail artisan and seemed admirable on a board or alike aloof on display. The brownish gold antithesis on the awning was the last step.”

The Acquirement Info

Nail Art Design Book alone on June 1, 2020, in account of National Nail Brightness Day and in anamnesis of Kandalec’s mom. It is accessible for acquirement at www.nailmasterclass.com for $24 dollars. 10% of anniversary auction right through the ages of June will be donated to the Trade-Works Foundation, a non-profit that brings adorableness mavens to Jamaica, breadth they advise their abilities to under-resourced youth.

Need some inspo to bang off your claimed nail art gallery? Kandalec stocks how to actualize one of her favorites here: 

The Sneak-Peak Tutorial: Mod Polka Dots

Julie Kandalec
  1. Use polish, a pen, or markers to lay out your design.
  2. Manicure your nails, again administer abject coat.
  3. Apply atramentous to one bisected of anniversary nail, alternating sides, and alternating amid accumbent and vertical splits. Tip: Dip an angled eyeliner besom into authentic acetone (not acetone brightness remover, that may well depart oils on the nail) to absolute the edges of the atramentous shapes. 
  4. Apply top covering (this prevents smearing).
  5. Customize an orangewood stick by submitting the tip bottomward to a absolute accomplished point. 
  6. Dip the orangewood stick into white brightness and acclaim administer to your nail at a 90' bend to actualize the dots.
  7. Allow to dry completely. Again administer addition band of top coat.
Julie Kandalec