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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
The 7 Amazing Tampon Subscriptions of 2021

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The 7 Amazing Tampon Subscriptions of 2021

July 6, 2022

When it comes to your time of the month, a blockade subscription can accomplish issues a accomplished lot easier. Rather than arch to the abundance each ages (or worse, get bent short), why not accept your tampons (or pads) delivered to your aperture so you by no means run out?

While you accord with menstrual cramps, headaches, bloating, aback pain, and bleeding, you should not accept to anguish about active out of your female affliction products. A approved blockade commitment makes absolute faculty as a result of it is one beneath affair to accept on your agitation list.

From Lola and the Athena Club to Blume and The Aeon Store, you can accept from female articles curated to your needs, founded on your flow, how generally you appetite your shipments, and absorbency.

Keep scrolling for the best blockade subscriptions account blockage out. 

Best Overall: Lola


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Lola provides tampons with a best of non-applicator, bunched plastic, or a agenda applicator, beginning at about $7.

The tampons are fabricated from one hundred pc affection and the artificial is BPA-free. You can adapt your box of 18 tampons with a aggregate of light, regular, super, or cool absorbencies.

They will again be delivered to your aperture either each 4 or 8 weeks, with the advantage of chargeless delivery. Appetite to try Lola afore subscribing? Get the Tampons Liners balloon set for about $5, absolute six altered tampons and two liners.

Beyond retail, Lola additionally has a weblog alleged The Spot beneath its association tab that shines a ablaze on assorted topics, from award the appropriate blockade to aboriginal aeon stories. 

Best Value: L. Inc.

L. Inc.

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Whether you’re afterwards tampons (applicator or non-applicator), pads or liners, L. Inc. provides them on customizable subscriptions, beginning at about $4. The articles are all fabricated after pesticides, chlorine, fragrances, or dyes.

So, how does it work? You accept a accessory abounding with a bespoke aggregate of tampons, pads, or liners, called by you, to get you via your period. You can adapt or cease your subscription at any time, otherwise, you’ll accept them monthly.

It's that simple. And, for each aeon product you buy from L. Inc., it makes a aeon product accessible to addition about the apple who wants it. You can apprehend about L. Inc.'s movement here.

Best Personalization: Blume


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From about $8 per month, you can anatomy your own Blume box (with chargeless aircraft for orders over about $30).

You accept amid tampons and pads, again the absorbency you charge founded on your flow. Next, you can addition your box with account like liners, Blume skin affliction (everything from face mists to moisturizers), Cloud 9 Essential Oil to advice affluence cramps, or a amusement (usually chocolate).

Your alone box will again be delivered to your door. You can skip a month, adapt the box, or abolish your subscription at any time. Blume additionally has a sex apprenticeship website with accessible downloads about subjects, adding advantageous relationships, pregnancy, and contraception.

Best for Philanthropy: Cora


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Cora sells a host of aeon products, but if you’re attractive for a blockade subscription, this armpit has a few acceptable benefits.

You can baddest non-applicator or applicator tampons which are either fabricated from amoebic cotton, whereas the accessory is fabricated from BPA-free plastic. You can baddest bins from six to 24 tampons and adapt the box, relying on how ablaze or abundant your durations accept a tendency to be.

If you subscribe, you will accept a chic, atramentous box to accumulate your tampons in, forth with a accurate biking clamp for free. Also, for each ages you buy, Cora provides bloom apprenticeship and a month’s accumulation of pads to a babe in a constructing country.

You can subscribe and pay yearly, from about $15 per ages (with chargeless shipping), which comes out to be beneath cash than advantageous each 3 months. There is the advantage to change, or abolish your adjustment at any time, too. 

Best for Options: Athena Club

Athena Club

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Athena Club has aggregate you charge to get you via your period: liners, wipes, pads, a menstrual cup, and tampons. The cup ships as a one-off, but aggregate abroad you can subscribe to receive.

With the tampons (around $8 per ages with chargeless shipping), you accept the best of exceptional or organic. The exceptional advantage is fabricated with cotton, rayon, polyethylene, and polypropylene, but after added chemicals, dyes, or additives, whereas the amoebic advantage is one hundred pc amoebic cotton.

Next, you accept the applicator type—bioplastic or cardboard. Afterwards that, you can baddest a preset pack, or accomplish your own tradition mix of light, regular, or super. Finally, you adjudge whether or not you appetite your tampons delivered each 4 weeks, each added month, or quarterly. 

Athena additionally shares razors, anatomy affliction products, and alike supplements, so it’s a bit of a self-care, one-stop-shop. 

Best for Organic: Blockade Tribe

Tampon Tribe

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Tampon Tribe delivers one hundred pc organic, plastic-free tampons, pads, and liners, as able-bodied as silicon-free, menstrual cups to your aperture (with chargeless aircraft in the U.S.) And you do not accept to anguish about any of your articles accepting toxins, chemicals, dyes, or chlorine bleaches. 

You can mix and bout your delivery, pause, or abolish at any time. The account subscription of amoebic tampons costs about $10, and you can adapt your commitment to accommodate aloof the appropriate arrangement of regular, super, and cool additional absorbencies.

You can additionally opt to pay upfront: The best you commit, the added you will save. So, pay a yr upfront, and you’ll get about 20% agape off the price. Appetite pads and pantyliners, too? Again opt for the My Anatomy - Your Personalised Collection.

Best for Store-Brand Products: The Aeon Abundance

The Aeon Store

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Unlike some subscription boxes, with The Aeon Store, you abbey the amount capacity of the box, so you apperceive what you’re getting.

Starting at about $15 per ages (with chargeless U.S. shipping), you can accept tampons, pads, and liners from acclaimed manufacturers like Tampax and Always, as able-bodied as accustomed manufacturers like Organyc and Natracare.

There's added than aloof aeon articles for you to accept from: You can add a alternative of natural teas, wellness tinctures, allowance mists, and candles. Each amalgamation incorporates a gourmand treat, two teabags, and 3 packets of medicine.

To get your box, artlessly ample in your aircraft details, and let them apperceive back your abutting aeon is due and how abounding canicule are amid your bleeds, so they can bear the box to you in acceptable time. Appetite to switch the capacity or cancel? You can do that at any time.