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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Hair Color

"Skunk Hair" Is Trending—Here Are Our Favorite Methods to Wear It

May 25, 2022

Chunky highlights may be a affair of the past, but their high-contrast attraction is aback and added potent than ever. "Skunk hair" is the best up-to-date blush trend, and it is annihilation abbreviate of a adventurous expression. This dual-tone acknowledgment ditches all the hair blush guidelines we accept adopted in the aftermost decade that accent a bendable and accustomed blend. 'Skunk hair' is a active color-blocking of ablaze and aphotic butting appropriate up adjoin anniversary other. We accept angled up aggregate you charge to apperceive about the trend, adding antic and celeb-approved inspiration, as able-bodied as able ascribe from NYC colorist Jackson Heller of Suite Caroline salon. Below, 10 means to abrasion skunk hair color.

Meet the Expert

  • Jackson Heller is a NYC colorist at Suite Caroline salon.

Skunk Hair

Choosing a Shade: For the atomic bulk of accident and maintenance, assignment with your accustomed blush and brace it along its adverse end of the blush spectrum. If you accept a darker accustomed base, try a ablaze pop of white. For lighter accustomed bases, add a added accent to contrast.

Maintenance Level: Low. "This is air-conditioned and edgy, to activate with, so you accomplish the rules. You can adjudge how you appetite to advance it."

Goes Great With: Long and abundant advanced $.25 framing your updo; natural-toned, lip-glossed pouts.

Similar Shades: Contrast Color

Price: Creative blush with Heller begins at $300

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Abundant Streaks


In our books, pop brilliant Dua Lipa will get above acclaim for bringing this development back. Depending on how it is worn, this abrupt adverse amid a ablaze albino and a aphotic brown or atramentous can appear off as a attenuate abruptness or a theatrical, aberrant statement. With some '00s aggressive abundant streaks blind bottomward about the face, we are absolutely activity the blush ball on this updo.

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Solid Face Frame


"This hair development is absolutely aggressive by Cindy Crawford's aerial contrast, face-framing balayage she had in the 90s," says Heller of this blush trend, "as able-bodied as the accepted stripes and chunks of blush that a lot of the pop stars had in the early 2000s. Think Bai Ling, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, etc." Add in a analogous albino brow, and you will be agitation a next-level, avant-garde booty on some face-framing skunk hair color.

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Aerial Adverse


Rhianna's side-swept bob is the absolute cut for aerial adverse colours to alive advanced and center. There's annihilation attenuate or hidden about this 'do. We alike adulation the peek-a-boo spotlight congenital into the advanced for a ashen breach about the face.

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Cruela Crop

The adventurous blush annual of this Cruela-esque afflatus is attenuate in its approach, with alone the beeline of face-framing layers in the advanced as a abutting accent to its abject color. "It's low maintenance," says Heller. "This is air-conditioned and edgy, to activate with, so you accomplish the rules." With the skunk hair blush trend, beneath blush may beggarly beneath maintenance, but it absolutely does not skimp on impact.

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Red Stripe


To bang this blush arrangement up a notch, barter in the albino out white or chicken for a pop of blush to accumulate issues spicy. If celebs like Bella Hadid accept been apparent cutting such a annual in their strands, this is a development that is abiding to bolt like wildfire.

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For added attenuate variations of this blush duo, opt for a half-and-half pairing, with your aberrant adverse on the decrease bisected and the added accustomed of the two colours up top. You will be arena tips on eyes in all places back you cast about what looks to be your solid-hued mane, alone to acknowledge a peek-a-boo allegory blush below.

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Whether you booty the attenuate access to this development or a added adventuresome annual like this dip-dyed duo as apparent on Gwen Stefani, able affliction for your strands will advice bottle the activity of your blush analysis and accumulate your hair in a strong, advantageous state. "The affliction for this blush is the aforementioned as any hair color," says Heller, who assures us that no amount what blazon of analysis you have, adventurous or minimal, you must consistently use a color-safe absterge and conditioner to accommodate an added addition of damp to the hair.

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Bottoms Up


If you are one for cutting your hair up best days, accede the half-and-half appliance of this blush trend. Alike a attenuate band on the base of your aigrette can accept a above addition of aggressiveness that is playfully chichi and calmly understated.

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Ablaze Roots


Billie Eilish, addition celebrity cutting the skunk blush trend, has autonomous for a added active adverse to her locks. These neon blooming roots dribble bottomward into adventurous atramentous ends, artful the balayage appearance brushstrokes that accept afflicted the hair blush arena for so long.

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Be Adventurous


There's no appropriate or amiss way to abrasion skunk hair color. The capital takeaway is its adventurous contrast, beat playfully. "Anyone can do their own adaptation of this look," says Heller. Just be abiding back consulting with your colorist that they "take your accustomed hair into annual and assignment with that."