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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
PiQo4 Laser Treatments: Everything You Need to Know


PiQo4 Laser Treatments: Everything You Need to Know

July 6, 2022

It about appears like there is a new laser treatment debuting each day—so we do not accusation you if disorders get confusing. First, if you are not accustomed with laser treatments, the abstraction is almost simple: lasers are high-energy ablaze beams that can be acclimated to abort colorant deposits beneath the skin's surface. They're activated for disorders like boom removals, alleviative melasma, and aggressive added skin-pigmentation issues.

But the ideal up-to-date laser analysis we are absorbed in is a footfall up from the rest—a game-changer in the skincare-tech sector. It is alleged the PiQo4 laser—but what makes it so unique? We enlisted New York-based dermatologist Hadley King, MD, and Beverly Hills-based board-certified dermatologist Tess Mauricio, MD, FAAD, to explain. Ahead, we breach bottomward aggregate you charge to apperceive about a PiQo4 laser treatment.

Meet the Expert

  • Hadley King, MD, is a New York-based dermatologist.
  • Tess Mauricio, MD, FAAD, is a Beverly Hills-based board-certified dermatologist.

What is a PiQo4 Laser Treatment?

"It's a laser that's acclimated to abolish tattoos and blush on all bark types," says King, "The cardinal 4 in the call is to spotlight the actuality that it provides 4 altered wavelengths—1064 nanometers, 532 nanometers, 650 nanometers, and 585 nanometers."

This about agency the PiQo4 laser is the ideal powerful, high-energy laser out there appropriate now—which is absolutely why it is about-face into such a buzzy treatment.

"It provides nanosecond and picosecond beating lengths," says King. "Nanosecond pulses are acclimated aboriginal to breach bottomward beyond and added colorant or ink particles, and picosecond pulses are acclimated abutting to breach bottomward the abate and shallower particles."

In added words: It is the ideal of either worlds and can amusement all forms of blush disorders that antecedent lasers did not accept the adeptness to. "The aggregate yields bigger after-effects in negative to application either one by itself."

What are the allowances of a PiQo4 Laser Treatment?

First of all, you will see after-effects at the acceleration of light—no pun intended.

"The aerial activity stages acquiesce colorant and boom abatement with beneath remedies in negative with added laser systems," says King. "And it has a beyond atom size, which makes it decidedly accessible for beyond blush issues."

And if you are attractive to remove a tattoo, it is absolutely one of the bigger solutions on the market. "It's acclimated to ambition the ideal regularly acclimated boom colors, alignment from ablaze orange to aphotic black," King says. Again, it can be acclimated to amusement added disorders about melasma and bark blush and can additionally be acclimated to rejuvenate bark generally.

But one of the ideal essential disorders to apperceive about the PiQo4 laser is that it is secure for all bark tones.

"A big virtue of this laser is its adeptness to added cautiously amusement exceptionable blush on the bark of bodies of color," says Mauricio, "In the past, it was arduous to amusement sufferers of blush as there is beneath negative amid the exceptionable colorant and the natural, built-in blush of the skin. Older lasers were not yet able to differentiate amid the two, which resulted in problems like burns and scarring."

How to Adapt for a PiQo4 Laser Analysis

First, you charge to acquisition a able for the task, so ask your dermatologist about the treatment. This is never article you must try alfresco of a dermatologist's office.

In general, you must adapt no abnormally than you would for any added blazon of laser treatment. That is: abstain the sun as abundant as possible, wear sunscreen, and do not get aerosol tans. Try not to shave, wax, or blister the breadth afore the treatment, and abstain demography assertive anti-inflammatory medications (like Aspirin) that can aggravate or account balance bleeding.

Also—and this must go afterwards adage here at BlurbGossips—it's acute to booze plenty of baptize to advance a advantageous curative process. (Which, by default, must apparently absorb alienated booze the evening before.) Another pro tip: It is a acceptable abstraction to abrasion adequate accouterment to the arrangement so the physician can admission the afflicted area, too.

Potential Ancillary Furnishings

Like with any added laser treatment, there is consistently a slight adventitious of burns, scarring, discoloration, or blistering. It is doubtful you will acquaintance any negative ancillary furnishings back you see a licensed professional—but it is essential to accept the dangers beforehand.

"Even admitting the PiQo4 laser is about secure for all bark tones, sufferers with actual aphotic skin, like Fitzpatrick bark blazon 6, must nonetheless be actual accurate and accept the dangers and allowances afore beginning treatment," says Mauricio. This is as a result of darker bark tones are added affected to hypopigmentation, which occurs back the advised breadth turns into darker than the aboriginal bark accent due to the accident of melanin and white spots.

Overall, as continued as you argue a dermatologist—and chase acceptable aftercare if you adjudge to get the analysis done—the dangers are absolutely low.

The Cost

PiQo4 lasers are about big-ticket for practices to access and advance (it's a sophisticated, high-tech, medical-grade laser, afterwards all), so remedies can get pricey. Prices will vary, but they about run from $250 to $500, relying on the analysis area.


Following any laser treatment, you can apprehend some accessory redness, swelling, and sensitivity. During the curative process, abstain absolute sunlight, heat, and aerial baptize pressure—so no steaming-hot showers. In fact, you will appetite to abstain any bodies of baptize in general—including baths, hot tubs, and pond pools—as those all access the adventitious for infection. If you charge to ablution the area, pat it with a washcloth and a affable soap.

Once again: Drinking baptize supports repair cells, which, in turn, supports the curative process—so try to break hydrated and accumulate your booze assimilation down.

Also, disorders like baking and scabbing are allotment of the accustomed curative process, and it is essential not to aces or blow the breadth afterward the treatment. (Trust me—as a skin picker, I apperceive how challenging this can be.) It is acute to let the breadth alleviate and accumulate it as dry and apple-pie as possible. You must alone abolish the cast afterwards 3 days, and you can additionally use Vaseline or hydrocortisone chrism to hydrate and allay the bark as it heals.

The Final Takeaway

In the high-tech apple of lasers, there absolutely is never annihilation absolutely as able as this agleam new toy. You will see after-effects quickly, and the accident of ancillary furnishings is low back you go to the pros.

Plus, we finally accept a laser that is secure for all bark tones—something that is been a claiming in the skin care apple for absolutely some time. That is a above win for the adorableness industry.

Of course, please accomplish abiding to do your research, accede either the allowances and the risks, and acquisition the appropriate licensed able afore you aces the PiQo4.