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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
New Amazing Summer Makeup Tips


New Amazing Summer Makeup Tips

May 25, 2022

Summer is a fun zone but melting makeup and sticky lipstick is not included in this category. We have talked to many Professional makeup artists for tips. Let us talk about summer makeup tips; when the weather is usually is against you. Now we are going to discuss some makeup ideas that help you to beat in hot weather.


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Tip for long-lasting makeup in summer Season

  1. Start with a cleanser. Use cleanser daily and especially before makeup
  2. Use waterproof products
  3. Apply oil-free moisturizer and then apply primer
  4. Use a thick layer of SUNBLOCK (UV rays’ protector), use 50+ SPF or more sunscreen formula, it’s the only thing you can apply as a thick layer in summer)
  5. Then use foundation, Cake foundations is the best and long-lasting in summer.
  6. Then do your rest makeup
  7. Don’t apply a heavy concealer layer
  8. Apply waterproof lipstick
  9. You should use a lip liner before applying lip color, prefer using an invisiblelip liner, it's lip wax stop lipstick to bleed.
  10. Don't use a powdered blush, because it became more cakey after some time, instead, use a cheek stain or gel for long-lasting effects
  11. Eyeshades should not be dark or heavy, light eye shadows look cooler in hot weather
  12. Avoid using eye creams on eye lids, instead, use an eye primer, then add powdered eye shadows (don’t use creamy eye shadows), it causes minimum creasing.
  13. Don’t use shimmer in summer because humidity in summer make you look sweatier and shinny
  14. Apply a bronzer for best results
  15. Always finish your makeup with a setting spray
  16. Always keep a blotting paper for whisking away your crease or setting powder in your purse, for fresh look and to look beautiful in photographs.

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