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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
Best Ways to Wear Jewelry When You Have Sensitive Skin


Best Ways to Wear Jewelry When You Have Sensitive Skin

July 6, 2022

Fine jewelry is baron back it comes to quality, but let’s be honest; 14, 18, or 24-carat aggregate isn’t consistently practical. However, if you accept acute skin, annihilation added than the acceptable being is veritably off the table. Sure, tarnish is annoying back it comes to added reasonable pieces, but the absolute botheration is how they can account so abundant irritation. Alike if slight at first, a baby bang or two can bound amplify to a absolute rash. And what allotment of adornment is account that?

The acceptable news, or well, the facts: “There is no such affair as acute skin, abnormally to jewelry,” says Dr. Orit Markowitz, a New York City board-certified dermatologist and architect of OptiSkin in NYC. “If bark has a acknowledgment to jewelry, it agency that bark is allergic or is calmly affronted by assertive jewelry, which can account acquaintance dermatitis.” Are you accepting a lightbulb moment?

In added words, the key to irritation-free accessorizing is alive what metals you ability be allergic to. Once you apperceive that, it’s much simpler to cantankerous adornment shopping, adding reasonable pieces, from argent to plated. Ahead, accumulate scrolling for a acute bark breakdown for adornment lovers, in accordance to Markowitz. Plus, an adapt to shop, because, well, how may well we not?

Meet the Expert

Dr. Orit Markowitz is a New York City Board-Certified Dermatologist and architect of dermatology clinic, OptiSkin.

What Are the Typical Signs of Acute Skin?

“If addition thinks they accept acute skin, it agency they ideal acceptable accept both of those two reactions,” Markowitz tells BlurbGossips. “When bark will get affronted or has an allergic reaction, you will generally see redness, flaking, and alike maceration or clamminess of the skin. Another assurance of a acknowledgment is if you see little, tiny bumps beneath the bark that are itchy.”

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What Types of Adornment Are Ideal for Acute Skin?

“It absolutely relies upon on which adornment creates an allergic acknowledgment or irritates the skin,” says Markowitz. “The cardinal one offender accepted to account a bark acknowledgment is nickel or any of the cantankerous reactants to nickel, which is cobalt. And often, those are begin in argent adornment quite than in authentic gold or platinum.”

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What Should You Abstain Back Adornment Shopping?

“You appetite to abstain the allergens aural the jewelry,” says Markowitz. “If you apperceive that you have a tendency to acknowledge to assertive metals, try to break abroad from them. For example, if you apperceive your bark reacts to nickel, try to abstain the argent family, but that doesn’t accommodate white gold.”

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Can You Still Pile on the Jewelry?

“Irritating the bark or inflicting an allergic acknowledgment from adornment has added to do with exposure,” Markowitz explains. “The added pieces, layers, or beyond the items have a tendency to actualize damp beneath your skin. The damp accumulated with the adornment sitting on your bark can account little aspects from the adornment to bleed into the bark and actualize a reaction. Once your bark has been apparent to those little aspects time afterwards time and reacts to them, there’s no axis back—even the aboriginal bulk of acknowledgment will advance to a cogent reaction.”

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Is Argent Adornment Safe?

According to Markowitz, “Plated adornment is a way to get a high-end-looking allotment of adornment for beneath money, and it can additionally assure the bark from the aspects it may be allergic to, like nickel,” says the dermatologist. “But be accurate as the adornment wears down; sufferers can end up accepting a acknowledgment to the close components, so it’s not an ideal band-aid for sufferers that apperceive they can’t abrasion silver, for example, to bowl it with gold.”

The takeaway here: Take affliction of your argent adornment as if it have been the absolute deal, and avoid tarnishing at all costs.

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What About Hypoallergenic Jewelry?

“There’s absolutely no such affair as hypoallergenic adornment as a result of everyone’s bark reacts abnormally to altered metals,” Markowitz explains.

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What Products or Remedies Are Ideal for a Adornment Reaction?

“The ideal over-the-counter analysis is 1% hydrocortisone ointment,” says Markowitz. “I acclaim blockage abroad from a cream—especially if the bark is wet, macerated, or bumpy—because the preservatives in the chrism can advance to added irritation.” 

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