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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Best Ways to Care for Natural Hair Before and After a Coloring Service

Natural Hair

Best Ways to Care for Natural Hair Before and After a Coloring Service

May 25, 2022

As a coiled girl, my capital cold is to assure my curls by any agency possible. We all try to acquisition a accepted that works best for our kinks, curls and coils—then buy the best articles for our assorted hair forms (and convenance rituals commended by stylists to accumulate our accustomed hair advantageous and moisturized). Whereas there are so abounding accepted truths about befitting accustomed hair healthy, there’s additionally consistently article new to learn. That said, experimenting can feel... terrifying.

My absolute accustomed adventure has been abounding with guidelines and admonition apropos damage. I’ve heard sound asleep afterwards a cottony beanie at evening can advance to hair accident (this is true). I’ve heard careful administration supports advance the bloom and advance of your hair afore and afterwards transitioning (this is additionally true). But, what about color? How bad can it absolutely be for accustomed hair?

Lately, I’ve been bedeviled with the abstraction of pintura highlights. With the acclimate changing, it appears applicable to add a burst of blush to a admirable arch of curls.The ample albatross in the room, though, is that I'm not abiding what it is activity to do to the bloom of my curls. To acquisition out, I talked to Jamice Brice, a stylist and pro drillmaster at Amika, to accord me the accomplished truth. Plus, Brice provides pre- and post-color tips for accustomed hair. 

What Are Pintura Highlights?

According to DevaCurl, the salon in which this address was built-in over 20 years ago, pintura highlights action a "controlled way to blush your curls"—as colorists administer hair blush anon to the hair afterwards the use of antithesis (much like balayage). In fact, the chat “Pintura” absolutely agency “painting” in Spanish. It supports add ambit and ablaze to the hair and was created accurately for coiled hair textures.

The Truth 

To set the almanac straight, it’s accurate appearance accustomed hair can advance to accident (i.e. boredom and breakage). “Damage can action on any hair blazon back authoritative use of color, but it is far added acceptable to action back basal hair aliment guidelines aren’t followed—especially if your hair is artlessly dry or has antecedent accident from calefaction or actinic services,” Brice explains. But, appearance your hair is beneath adverse with able aliment and preparation. This means, authoritative abiding your curls are advantageous and hydrated to assure them from abeyant damage.

The Pre-Color Preparation 

Curly hair consistently wants moisture, abnormally afore a appearance service. “My admonition to coiled women who are because accepting blush is moisturize, moisturize, moisturize,” laments Brice. Afore reserving an arrangement with colorist, banal up on abysmal conditioners, like DevaCurl’s Melt Into Moisture or Amika’s Soul Food Nourishing Mask and use them at atomic already a week. If you’re on the fence, don’t panic. With able maintenance, your curls will live on and will abide to thrive.

The Methods and Appearance Process 

Before authoritative your appointment, analysis assorted blush casework and acquisition which one is best for your hair blazon and adapted style. It ability be accessible to accept a appointment with your stylist aboriginal to get their admonition as able-bodied "Pintura and balayage are either freehand portray techniques. The above aberration amid the two methods is pintura is an 'open air' technique, whereas balayage is veritably accomplished application foils, mesh, cotton, or plastic. Pintura is particular to curlier textures whereas balayage can be carried out on any hair type," Brice explains. Both methods can be played with a lightener (which is best commutual with a bond-builder to abbreviate damage) but can additionally be accomplished application beneath acrid blush methods like demi- or semi-permanent color, as able-bodied as ammonia-free color. The basal line? Do your research, allocution to your colorist, and accomplish abiding they are application a bond-builder throughout the process.

The Post-Coloring Maintenance 

This is the footfall that will accomplish or breach your hair—literally. Along with abysmal conditioning, abstain articles that may be dehydration like these with booze or sulfates. But there is dash to that. Remember: cetyl alcohol is acquired from crops like approach or attic oils and is not adverse to your hair. Analysis the capacity in your admired articles to accomplish abiding they are not activity to blend with your curls (i.e. account added boredom and breakage). DevaCurl afresh released a cleanser accurately created for cleaning recently-colored curls afterwards abrogation arrant undertones. In addition, be alert of your calefaction administration habits. “Steer bright of straightening your hair and authoritative use of boundless calefaction afterwards a appearance service,” advises Brice.