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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
Easy Steps To Make Your Eyes Pop, A Beginner's Guide

Eyes Makeup

Easy Steps To Make Your Eyes Pop, A Beginner's Guide

July 6, 2022


Kajar, also known as Cole, is widely used by women around the world to define their eyes for a beautiful look. Creamy and smooth cosmetics for moist eyes.


Kajar is popular not only for makeup but also for medicinal properties. It gently calms the eyes, cools them, and prevents them from causing harmful sun rays. Kajal is available almost everywhere in the form of pencils, sticks and gels, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Whatever they are, most Kajal purchased contain preservatives and other similar chemicals that can damage the eyes. If you are allergic to Kajal purchased from the store, you can choose the homemade version. Nature. You can make your own Kajal at home! Isn't it interesting? I don't know if they know you, but making Kajal is a very easy and natural process.

  • Let's take a look at the steps to prepare your own Kajal at home.
    Things necessary:
  • Insulation support
  • Thin metal plate
  • Writer
  • Long needle
  • Almond
  • Non-conductive needle handle

Why these ingredients? almond:
Almonds contain natural oils, so I chose almonds as the base for Kajar. You can use as many almonds as you like, depending on the amount of kajal you need.

Almond oil:
I'm already using almonds. So why is almond oil? This is the problem that is happening now. Use almond oil to make pure almond kajar, but you can also use a few drops of ghee. Only two ingredients are used in our homemade kajar. No chemicals or preservatives are used. It's easy and natural, isn't it?

Step-by-step instructions for creating Kajal:
Place the two brackets on a 180 degree line at a distance of 15 cm. Lightly place a thin plate on top of these two brackets. As you can see in the picture, there should be enough space inside to hold the burning almonds. Gently insert the needle into the almond and hold the tip of the needle with a non-conductor. This prevents heat transfer, so your fingers are safe. Be careful not to force the almonds.

Then light the almonds with a lighter or candle and bring them under the plate so that the smoke touches the base of the plate. When the almonds stop burning, throw them away and follow the same procedure as for other almond nuts. Allow dark soot to collect on the bottom of the plate. Remember that the more you burn almonds, the more soot you get. Finally, use a cake knife or other scraper to pour all the black soot into a small old cajar pot.

Add a drop of almond oil and mix well with the tip of a spoon. Add the oil drop by drop until you get the rich, creamy consistency you expect. Two drops of oil are enough for about six almonds. Now you are ready to use your homemade natural eyeliner. Store in a clean and dry place. To make it unhygienic, be sure to wash and dry your hands before use.

Things to remember:
Homemade Kajal has no preservatives and usually has a good shelf life, but it is best to fresh it at least once every four months. Leave this Kajal in your eyes overnight to cleanse and brighten your eyes.


How can Kajar be fully applied to the eyes? What is needed

  1. Kajar / Cole
  2. Mix brush
  3. Primer

    Mascara / Eyeshadow (optional)


Step-by-step guide to seeing Kajal
There are many ways to do this, but we put together a simple step-by-step process to get beautiful eyes in just 5 minutes.

Start by placing Kajal on the bottom waterline to make it more prominent. Start with the outer corners for a darker color. If you have small eyes, do not place the eyeliner in the inner corner. The eyeliner looks even smaller. The secret of women's and long-lasting makeup is low. Start with a sharp eyeliner, draw your eyes with a pencil from the outer corners, and work towards the inner corners. This will prevent excess product from accumulating on the inner corners.

Apply a generous coat to your tastes so that your eyes are clear. If you have small eyes, focus especially on the outer corners. It quickly opens your eyes and makes them look bigger.

If your goal is a subtle smoky eye for that extra touch of a sophisticated drama, use a stain brush to gently blend and suck Kajal.

Layer as you like and gently mix each layer.
Depending on the situation, you can create something that looks more elaborate and can be used on a regular basis.

To further accentuate your eyes, use an eyeliner pencil instead of a liquid eyeliner to outline the upper waterline. Don't forget the roots of your eyelashes. This trick will instantly make your lashes look thicker and help lift your eyes.