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Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Best Concealer Uses, Tips, Tricks and Many More

September 22, 2021

Best Concealer Uses, Tips, Tricks and Many More

What is a Concealer?

As the name concealer, it is used to conceal the dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dark circles around the eyes.

When concealer should use: before or after foundation?

Conceal could be used before or after foundation but many professional makeup artists usually use concealers after foundation. I know it’s 2021, there is much more variety in concealers, few types of concealer is meant to be applied before foundation like color correcting concealers.

Why makeup artists of the 21st century use concealer after foundation?

Foundation is made as to the base of makeup, so apply foundation first then conceal with the concealer.

Apply concealer before makeup, may look unnatural and caky.

Can you use concealer without applying any other makeup?

The concealer itself is an incredible product. You can definitely use concealer alone. It gives a very good natural coverage. No one can see makeup on your face if you apply concealer. You can clearly see your skin difference before or after applying concealer. It enhances the natural beauty when used alone.

But some types of concealers are so dry that you can’t use them alone.


Concealer should be darker or lighter?

For dark eye circles, concealer should be one or two tones lighter than your skin tone but for other spots, it should be exactly like your foundation shades.

Although there are many types of concealer are present with a lot of shades for different purposes:

Let us discuss one by one:

There are four main types of concealer available in market

  1. Stick concealer
  2. Cream concealer
  3. Liquid concealer
  4. Balm concealer


Liquid concealer: It is the most favorable concealer of all time. It is widely used. It is suitable for all skin types. But work best on normal to oily skin. Extra dehydrated skin is not for liquid concealer as it may cause patches and flakes.

It works great for dark spots as it blends so easily with your skin or foundation. It is the top priority of most makeup artists than any other type of concealer.

Types of liquid concealer:

It has three types of liquid concealer.

  1. Matte concealer: it lasts longer than other types. For a long day or function, it should be used. It is good for oily skin as it reduces shine onto the skin. It does not work best for dehydrated or dry skin as it creates patches after some time.
  2. Satin concealer: type of concealer to correct small imperfections or makeup mistakes like overline a lipstick. Apply this concealer to makeup mistakes and blend. It hides as nothing happens. It is used in a no-makeup look for light coverage. It can be used instead of a foundation for a natural touch up.
  3. Radiant concealer: it is best for dark circles. this type of concealer is used as a highlighter when you run out of highlighter. If you run out of your highlighter you can click on this link to check the tricks of highlighter.


  1. Cream concealer:

It is thicker and a bit heavier than liquid concealer. It is for medium to full coverage. This type of concealer is applied best with the patch of your finger as the warmth of your finger will blend much more than any other makeup tool. It is usually for discoloration of the skin. it is good to hide blemishes. it is good for dry skin also.

It is not good for people with wrinkles, on that skin it may cause patches. 


  1. Balm concealer: 

It is also thicker in texture. it stays fresh throughout the day. It works best with normal to oily skin. Balm concealers are usually color correctors, which are typically used under the foundation.

Types of color correcting concealer:

There are different types of color concealer or color correcting concealer:

  • Green concealer:

It is used to remove redness in the skin. It is the one to hide pimples, acne, and acne scars.

Purple concealer: it is used to remove yellowness on the face or to hide yellow patches onto the skin.

  • Peach and orange color concealer:

Orange concealer is used to hide discoloration and blue dark circles. It is best to remove blueness in the skin. For a lighter skin tone, avoid an orange one, apply peach concealer instead.

  • Yellow color concealer:

Yellow color concealer is used to hide veins, purple bruises, and under-eye purpleness. 

There are many other colors of concealers present in the market. Judge your problem and purchase a suitable concealer for yourself.


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