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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Amazing Acne Spot Treatment for Any Type of Scars


Amazing Acne Spot Treatment for Any Type of Scars

May 25, 2022

Acne is very common in people, that everyone is trying to search “best acne products, best acne face wash, best acne creams, lotions, tea tree oil for face, acrylic acid for acne, Neutrogena facial wash, acne skincare products” and many more. Stop searching these. You’ll get everything on this website. Keep reading and get important updates about acne.


What is acne in general terms?

There are many tiny holes in our skin that are known as “Pores” or “follicle”. When these pores get clogged due to dirt, oil, bacteria, and dead skin, pimples may appear and when this condition is continued for a long time, it leads to acne and then sometimes acne scars. Every 9/10 between the age of 13 years to 30 years affected by acne.

There are many types of acne like blackheads, whiteheads, Papules, nodules, pimples, cysts, or baby acne.

Acne types and causes:

  • Papules:

these are tiny, red in color, bumps or pimples on the skin due to inflamed hair follicles.

  • Pustules:

These are also tiny, red in color, raised bumps, its tip is filled with pus.

  • Blackheads:

They are tiny grey or black spots/bumps, appear on our skin. They are not caused by bacteria or dirt but the inner layer of the follicle releases color. 

  • Whiteheads:

They are tiny bumps; they are like the blackheads but the color changes from black to white. They are not empty from inside when we squeeze.

  • Nodules:

These are hard, painful and solid, beneath the layer of the skin.

  • Cysts

They are large in size, painful pimples, under the skin with pus.

Acne can appear at any part of our body like the face, neck, underarms, shoulders.

Other uncommon reasons:

You have acne, not because of poor hygiene or diet but because your mother and father have acne. So you have also. it can transfer from parents to their children.

Many hormonal changes can be the cause of acne. Puberty in teenagers can cause acne usually both in boys and girls. Acne is more common in pregnant women and will continues sometimes, after delivery. In menstruation days, acne can appear.


Myths about having acne

  • Acne is due to puberty. (acne can appear at the age of 25 or may continue after even after teenage)
  • Acne can be gone away on its own. (in many cases, care or treatment is needed)
  • Popping out acne or pimples will help in getting rid of pimples. (popping out can cause more infection and leave scars on the skin)
  • Acne is just caused by dirt
  • Scrubbing the face more, help in reducing pimples (it eliminate the essential oil)
  • Applying extra acne removal cream help in reducing acne fast



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