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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
An Ode to Telfars Signature Shopping Bag


An Ode to Telfars Signature Shopping Bag

July 6, 2022

You appear in each blush from azure dejected to oxblood red to yellow, and now, azalea pink. The way you attending acceptable on each acquire by no agency ceases to affect me. You appear in abounding forms—from mini to oversized—between them, you can fit aggregate from a lipstick to a baby dog. You’ve fabricated the streets of New York City and the apple added fashionable; you acquire dressed apparel up and bottomward for parties, the office, and strolling bottomward the street. Alike in the time we spent at home, you've got been there for us to comedy dress-up whereas fantasizing about the appears we will abrasion this summer.

You are the Telfar Arcade Bag. Additionally accepted as the "Bushwick Birkin," you are an iconic and acclaimed it-bag that enhances all sorts of claimed style, with a straightforward yet anxious architecture clashing any other. You are not alone absolute for me, but for everyone. You are the moment; you are a avant-garde essential; you are The Bag.

The aboriginal time I saw a Telfar bag, it was adulation at aboriginal sight. I bethink it perfectly: there it was, the teeniest one in the iconic aboriginal atramentous shade, slung on the acquire of an calmly air-conditioned New York-based artist that I knew and envied. I stood there and anticipation to myself, “Wow. She can cull off anything. What is this bag?" Needing to apperceive more, I went beeline domestic and seemed it up on Google. Dozens of browser tabs later, I acquainted fatigued to Telfar not alone as a brand, but as a actuality with an superb adventure and mission.

Telfar Clemens started his architecture adventure in 2005, beginning his eponymous cast whereas enrolled as a apprentice at Pace College in decrease Manhattan. Afterwards a number of years of architecture a cast that was admired by those in the apperceive but humble in the boilerplate fashion world, he introduced on Babak Radboy as artistic administrator in 2013, and the blow was press-release history. The two would go on to coact on endless art exhibitions and body Clemens' cast into the award-winning New York figure it is today. The two alike reimagined the apparel beat by staff at White Castle, in one of the best allegorical New York Fashion Week displays to date.

Telfar’s ancestry in Queens led Clemens to a different access that the fashion apple would appear to acquire in its own (slow) way. But over years of alive and touring the apple whereas one way or the other nonetheless actuality labeled "emerging," the artist befriended endless celebrities, influencers, and jetsetters who accurate his brand, no bulk the circumstances. Before anybody knew it, Telfar was on its way to acceptable a domiciliary call acknowledgment to its acclaimed business and attainable yet oh-so-covetable band of unisex arcade bags. By afterward his own aisle and across-the-board vision, Clemens congenital a active association about his cast that no bulk of cash can pay for. 

Getty Images/Design by Cristina Cianci

Even admitting the Telfar emblem arcade bag aboriginal released in 2014 and progressively rose to band cachet amid those in the know, it did not absolutely hit the boilerplate till 2020, back Clemens won the CFDA accolade afterwards endless sellout drops and babble reviews. As a result of it’s affordable, timeless, and has afflicted the way fashion approaches the abstraction of attainable luxury, there couldn’t be a added applicable appellation than "The Bushwick Birkin," as admirers generally acquiescently accredit to it. The Telfar Arcade Bag's access in acceptance highlights what it agency for marginalized bodies and account to assuredly be apparent by the industry; but alike at the akin of the bag’s architecture itself, it stands for so abundant more.

With a signature bag that resembles a arcade tote—something that is all-over and comes with purchase—Telfar subverts the lens we use to attending at the amount of a affluence buy. Aligning with the brand's quintessential "It's for everyone" catchphrase, this bag is article that all can wear, which has sparked a second that has transcended the iconic artefact itself. For example, Louis Vuitton feels comfortable as a result of it’s big-ticket and aspirational; the Telfar bag captures that awareness in a anatomy that is either reasonable and chic. Carrying a Telfar bag feels like alive the secrets and techniques to envied style, like the actuality you apperceive who is consistently and confidently affairs appears you ambition you could. It’s attainable and authentic, and the able architecture creates a comfortable really feel in all the appropriate ways. 

Because of how appropriate Telfar's signature arcade bag is, it’s about absurd to acquirement at this level until you’re obsessively acquainted into their e-mail blasts or Instagram. Their web page declares that their accoutrements advertise out in minutes, and they aren’t exaggerating; those booty work to procure. Usually, they bead bound colors, but if you are accepting a challenging time accepting the one you want, accumulate a anchor as the cast infrequently runs its Bag Security Program, back any and all orders are accessible for a day so continued as you are accommodating to delay a few months for assembly and delivery. True to Clemens' across-the-board ethos, the affairs is a way to guarantee that anybody who needs a Telfar bag can get one after accepting to buy it at a markup from a reseller.

Telfar accoutrements are adamantine to acquisition accessible and alike more durable to buy, but already you’ve controlled to snag one, you’re proudly owning a allotment of Atramentous history, a allotment of New York history, and a analytical allotment of fashion history. Supporting a Atramentous artistic who has accomplished common success with a bag that about anybody can advance in is straightforward to do, but it additionally displays your abutment for a awe-inspiring about-face in how we ascertain affluence and individuality in fashion. Whereas no one is aware of for abiding how tendencies will about-face over time, Clemens has turn into a avant-garde fashion icon, and his expertly advised tote appears abiding to accumulate authoritative its mark for years to come.

Telfar Medium Arcade Bag $202