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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
An Incredible and amazing cosmetic product | The Primer


An Incredible and amazing cosmetic product | The Primer

May 25, 2022

In this blog we answer your many main questions and issue regarding primers like Define a makeup primer? How to make a makeup fresh, last longer? Is the face primer and eye primer same? Does makeup primer really work? If so, the how? What is the suitable primer for me? Do the primers are for all skin types? What are the benefits of using a primer?

An extraordinary base is the start of any incredible makeup look, regardless of whether you're covering your full face or only a couple of touches of your concealer. And keeping in mind that an extraordinary healthy skin routine can do something amazing for ensuring your cosmetics products wear impeccably for the duration of the day, and Primer is the genuine makeup key to play out the manner in which it should be. In case you're curious about cosmetics primers, let us give you a, Ummm, primary know-how. These luxurious delicate creams and gels are intended to be applied before applying makeup to ensure amazing fixing of your foundation and other makeup. it also smoothers your skin. As an additional advantage, they likewise keep you looking new and fresh throughout the day.

This is usually applied after moisturizer and before the base or foundation. It locks the open pores and smoothes your skin and imperfection

These expert cosmetic items have made considerable progress in the previous decade, it was only accessible to cosmetics artists and experts but now it is easily accessible to everyone's vanity, and come with a lot of variety according to anyone's need Continue reading this blog for all that you ever needed to think about these ideal skin basics.

There are two kinds of primers; eye primer and face primer. As the name shows that face primer is used to cover face’s imperfection and eye primer is only used on the eyelids to fix eye shadow on its place and last longer. In this blog, we are discussing about the face primer.

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Benefits of a face primer:

  • Primer lock the oil of your skin (for oily skin)
  • It smoothes your skin
  • Extremely lightweight and doesn’t make a caky look
  • By using primer, it is really easy to use fix and apply foundation
  • It makes the makeup last longer
  • Highlighted your face features
  • Hides discoloration of your skin
  • It fades your lines and wrinkles
  • It is that cosmetic item that hides your imperfection instantly
  • It works as a barrier between your skin and makeup, because it avoids skin oil to mix in your makeup look and also protects your skin from any bacteria, present in  the makeup

Types of primer:

As other cosmetic products have many variants, likewise primer is of different kind

Some are written below:

  • Sun protecting Primer
  • Pore minimizing Primer
  • Color correcting Primer
  • Mattifying Primer
  • Anti-aging Primer
  • Hydration Primer
  • Illuminating Primer
  • Silicon-based Primer and so on

You can get the two, three or four properties in one single primer, according to your need.

So, the question is raised now

Which primer should I use?

Choose the primer as your skin type

  1. Silicon-based primer: this is a good option for oily and normal skin. It even out the texture of your skin
  2. Moisturizing primer: it is best for dry skin or mature skin. It is a type of skin care primer
  3. Spray primer: it is suitable for all skin types. Although it doesn’t give a good coverage to imperfection but it makes your makeup last longer
  4. Silicon-based Primer: it is often a great choice for oily to normal skin but can be easily used for all skin types. It not only even out your texture but also give you flawless, smooth skin
  5. Mattifying Primer: the primer is especially for oily skin. It locks up the oil of your skin and minimizes your shininess and oil slicks look. It makes the makeup last longer on oily skin. If anyone that has dry skin use this, it end up your skin too drying and worn out your makeup
  6. Illuminating Primer: it is usually for people having normal and dry skin. It gives you an illuminating and glowing look. It gives you the natural look with some glowy touch. People with oily skin can use this primer on the areas where there is no natural oil. Use this primer if you want a highlighted look.
  7. Sunscreen Primer: it is used in the daytime. It is used to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the Sun or ultraviolet rays.
  8. Anti-aging Primer: Anti-aging Primer is used to hide wrinkles and lines on your face. It has some good skin health ingredients, for example; peptides and niacin. It has some reparative properties.
  9. Color correcting Primer: this can be used on all skin types. Although most of the primers are colorless and look like there is no makeup on the face. But this category is something different. Colored or tinted primers may be of different colors like green, blue, red, pink, and yellow, etc. these types of primers are used to fix different discoloration of your skin. For example, a green-colored primer is used to minimize the redness on your skin, a blue-colored Primer is used to reduce sallow tones, a pink-colored primer is used to minimize a tired complexion, and so on. These primers can be used on its own; without makeup, it gives you light coverage.
  10. Hydrating primer: As the name shows, it is for extremely dry skin. It gives your skin some extra oil and makes it glowy. It is also a type of illuminating primer. It minimizes dry patches on the skin.

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Tip: Always use a primer after skin care products like steaming, cleansing, or exfoliating.

Some mistakes we ever do

  • Do not apply makeup right after applying primer. Dry up the primer first, to take the most advantage of this product
  • The primer should always of your skin type. As I mentioned the skin types and the primer types earlier. Be careful while choosing a primer.
  • Do not apply too much primer



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