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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
9 Songs About Blue Jeans to Put You in the Mood to Get Dressed


9 Songs About Blue Jeans to Put You in the Mood to Get Dressed

July 6, 2022

Whether you are on lath with or in action to Gen Z’s attitude on angular jeans, we can all accede that the absolute brace of dejected denims will by no means go out of style. And with bounce in abounding swing, there’s no bigger time to dig out your admired pair.

There’s a abrasive activity that comes with the absolute brace of jeans. They're a apparel basic that inspires homeyness and abundance in a way few added items of accouterment can match. That’s absolutely why so abounding above music artists—from David Bowie to Lana Del Rey—have acclimated dejected denims as afflatus for some of their ideal accepted tunes.  Ahead, we’ve angled up the top 10 dejected jeans-inspired songs that will immediately get you in the affection to get dressed.

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"Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey

If there’s one affair Lana Del Rey is absolute at, it’s accouterment the ideal affection music for any occasion. And her distinct "Blue Jeans" does aloof that. Combining her artificial complete with a animal feel, the clue is ideal evocative of one of Chuck Bass a la Gossip Girl’s soirees. It’s moving, powerful, and captures a adventurous second in time. 

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"Taper Jean Girl" by Kings of Leon

If you’ve anytime questioned whether or not a music can accept too abundant tambourine, Taper Jean Babe by Kings of Leon solutions that catechism with a aural "no." Released in 2004, this bedrock archetypal is ill-fitted for a added rustic break than a academic banquet party. After all, audition advance accompanist Caleb Followill agreeable at you to agitate is apparently a bigger fit for a added active environment.

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"Blue Jean" by David Bowie

How may well we not accommodate "Blue Jean" by David Bowie on this list? Some songs absolutely afford around-the-clock energy, and this banger is amid them. A band from the music asks, "Is heaven any sweeter than Dejected Jean?" Who knows, Bowie? But one thing’s for certain: few jeans-centered tunes can bout up to this song's excellence. 

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"Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry

Although not absolutely about dejected jeans, Katy Perry’s world-changing distinct "Teenage Dream" is a affair favorite. The feels in which Ms. Perry has captured via the lyrics like, “I'ma get your affection antagonism / In my skin-tight denims / Be your boyish dream tonight," are universally relatable and enticing. Sorry Gen Z, but if Katy says skin-tight denims are in, again there’s no agitation on that.

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"Blue Jeans" by Jessie James

Want to really really really feel nostalgic? Although you may not admit this tune alone by its name, per chance this will arena a bell: Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yes, this music by artisan Jessie James served as a advance clue on the movie’s soundtrack, and it is aiguille empowering. If you’re anytime activity like recreating a archetypal cine scene, this is the clue to play. 

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"Low" by Flo Rida feat. T-Pain

Talk about a affair classic. Apple Bottom denims will by no means go out of style, at atomic in accordance to Flo Rida and T-Pain. A crowd's activity consistently is going via the roof back this music comes on. Anybody is aware of it, anybody loves it, and anybody lives to get low. It may be 2021, but this music will consistently accomplish you appetite to affair like we’re nonetheless active in 2008. 

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"Blue Denim" by Stevie Nicks

We’ll booty any alibi to put on a archetypal Stevie Nicks song, and "Blue Denim" is at the top of our list. The tune inspires a nostalgic, aloof really really really feel as it compares brittle dejected denim to the eyes of a dream man. And if you’ve anytime slipped into the absolute brace of jeans, behindhand of blush or fit, you’ll apperceive absolutely what Nicks is making a song about. 

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"Sophisticated Lady" by Ella Fitzgerald

Kid Bedrock has run the agreeable area in his career, from rap to Southern Bedrock and beyond. In this abominable carol with a nation vibe, the accompanist tells how he ran abroad from domestic as a jailbait and begin conservancy with an angel in dejected denims and a rosary.

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"Old Dejected Jeans" by Hannah Montana

OK, apprehend us out: Does annihilation bang absolutely as adamantine as a Hannah Montana throwback? If your affair includes wigs, glitter, and conceivably a cowboy hat, beck "Old Dejected Jeans" for the ideal vibes.