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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
9 Fashion Influencers Who Prove 2021 Trends Work on All Body Types


9 Fashion Influencers Who Prove 2021 Trends Work on All Body Types

July 6, 2022

Growing up, the latest, greatest fashion trends fabricated me nervous. This wasn’t as a result of I was borderline of my own faculty of style or that I was abashed of change, though. It was as a result of for ideal of my youth, I believed there accept been alone assertive tendencies that I was “allowed” to abrasion as addition living in a bigger body. Back low-rise denims accept been all the rage, I resented that I “couldn’t” abrasion them, too, as addition with a soft, annular stomach. Alternatively, back high-waisted bikini cheers turned popular, I acquainted like I had won the lottery. Before then, I had believed that bikinis artlessly weren’t an advantage for me. I accepted this consistently evolving alternation of tendencies as a result of I admired fashion, but the abstraction that the abutting trend would be article that I feared wouldn’t be for me fabricated me anxious. 

Luckily, as I’ve gotten earlier and abstruse added about anatomy positivity, body neutrality, and fatphobia, I’ve been able to let go of some of these anxieties about “trendy” dressing. I’ve experimented with forms my adolescent cocky would accept anticipation accept been off limits, and I’ve admired each additional of it, advertent and evolving my style yr afterwards year. A big allotment of why I’ve been able to do this, though, has been accepting admission to Instagram. Actuality able to chase a array of fashion influencers with all altered anatomy forms (and claimed styles) who are agitation accepted tendencies in new and artistic agency retains me inspired. It’s an essential admonition that how you abrasion a assertive trend isn’t about admeasurement or anatomy type—it’s about style. Ahead, see 9 of our admired fashion influencers, and get aggressive to confidently bedrock no bulk trend speaks to you.

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Jazmin Vega

Jazmin Vega is one of my complete admired fashion influencers to chase afresh back it comes to 2021 trend inspiration. The way she carefully curates her apparel with bright, adventurous goods provides me the advance I charge to absorb added blush into my own wardrobe. Plus, she’s alone assertive me that cowboy boots are a trend that we all charge to leap on lath with ASAP.

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Lydia Okello

A archetypal and writer, Lydia Okello has a adroitness for highlighting size-inclusive, new-to-me manufacturers that are accomplishing big issues in the style amplitude in 2021. I decidedly adulation how they absorb color-blocking and monochromatic analogous units into their looks.

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Imani Randolph

Imani Randolph is additionally a model, but the affection of the appears she posts on Instagram competitors these of any full-time fashion influencer. The basal band actuality is that back it comes to the coolest tendencies of 2021 and beyond, I can about agreement that Randolph was advanced of the curve.

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Raeann Langas

From cowboy hats to cowboy boots (in case you did not know, either are accepting a major moment), Raeann Langas has a way of accumulation bolder tendencies with archetypal apparel staples in a way that feels absolutely accurate to her own claimed style—and ability affect yours, too.

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Jasmine Black

Even back she's not announcement about fashion, Jasmine Black’s augment is the apotheosis of an impeccably curated yet easy Instagram aesthetic. Plus, if you’re attractive for some cottagecore afflatus (yes, it is as abundant a trend in 2021 as 2020—and I’m so blessed about it), Black has got you covered.

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Kristina Zias

If you adulation TikTok or Instagram Reels, you charge to chase Kristina Zias. Her agreeable about accepting on-point, trend-focused style at a admeasurement 14 (or any size!) will reinvent your cerebration about how fashion influencers can account your life. Her celebrity style-inspired Reels are decidedly great.

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Yumi Nu

You ability admit Yumi Nu from the awning of Vogue's 2021 September affair or her contempo advance in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Unsurprisingly, this archetypal and fashion influencer's style is incredible, and the snippets that she stocks on Instagram will show to you that alike the boldest of tendencies can be for you, no bulk your actualization or aesthetic. Case in point: You ability just catch me in a crocheted brazier hat ancient soon.

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Abby Bible

Abby Bible’s style makes the complete ideal of each distinct 2021 trend out there appropriate now. Her affection for checked prints and neon pieces alone is abundant to argue you to alpha arcade for the most popular goods appropriate now.

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Nicolette Mason

I’ve adopted Nicolette Mason for a continued time (a lot of bodies have—she’s one of the OG plus-size fashion bloggers), and one of the ideal issues about her style is that it’s consistently evolving whereas consistently actuality 100 % her. I can’t acquaint you the bulk of occasions I’ve apparent a gown and thought, “I bet Nicolette would bedrock that!” (This veritably agency it’s a must-have item, too.) Back it comes to elevated, anxious apparel that are nonetheless trend-focused, you cannot exhausted Mason's curated profile.