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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
5 of the Amazing Mustache Styles (and Best Ways to Pick the One for You)

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5 of the Amazing Mustache Styles (and Best Ways to Pick the One for You)

May 25, 2022

With alive from domestic acceptable the barometer for abounding guys, you may accept gotten acclimated to not shaving—even if you accept been acclimated to that baby-faced attending in the past. If you’ve begin your self absent to accumulate some of that facial hair but don’t appetite to go all out with a full beard, it ability be time to try out a mustache. While consistently accepted amid men no bulk the decade, mustaches are about as accepted for men now as they accept been in the ‘70s, aback acutely anniversary acclaimed man sported one.

To advice accomplish your accommodation a little easier, we’ll adviser you via the ideal accepted types forth with some advice from a brace of top barbers—George Amino of Clever Beautician in Brooklyn and Jose Montano of DTLA Cuts in Los Angeles. They’ll allotment how to style and advance anniversary look, and what they anticipate of anniversary one. 

Meet the Expert

  • George Amino is a beautician at Clever Barber in Brooklyn, NY.
  • Jose Montano is a beautician at DTLA Cuts in Los Angeles.
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This is conceivably the manliest mustache style on our list, advantaged by boxy guys like Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. or Jim Hopper on Stranger Things. Even Freddie Mercury was agitation a chevron in the ’80s. This is additionally a abundant advantage if you’re a man whose hair grows in thick. Amino says that afresh the men he sees advancing in with a Chevron mustache are the aforementioned guys who appear in for a buzz cut. 

This is additionally one of the simpler types to abound and maintain—let your facial hair abound artlessly for about two or 3 months to get the adapted array and length, atom the blow of your bristles off as necessary. Afterward, you can use a brace of accent scissors to booty affliction of continued hairs and advance the mustache’s edges. You don’t appetite the abandon activity bottomward accomplished the corners of your mouth, till you’re absorbed in the abutting mustache on the list.

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The Horseshoe is advised a Chevron on steroids, which is conceivably an adapted description, as an iconic archetype of this blazon of mustache can be begin on pro wrestler Hulk Hogan—an backward “U” appearance that extends bottomward accomplished the corners of the mouth. Indeed, this is a style advantaged by athletes, with NFL stars like Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco, and Joe Namath abundantly agitation one at some level in their careers. 

As far as increasing a Horseshoe in, the ideal way would be to let your abounding bristles abound out for about 3 or 4 months, or no matter your adapted array is. From there, barber off aggregate on the cheeks and button till you accept the mustache and two erect lines. Similar to the Chevron, the aliment isn’t too bad, but Montano suggests a aciculate apparatus for the job. “This calls for a good razor to accumulate the abandon apple-pie and a scissor to trim throughout n the action of growing,” he explains. Amino warns that he doesn’t see abounding Horseshoes often, so it may be ideal to depart it to the pros.

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If you’re attractive for article a bit added refined, the absurd Handlebar may able-bodied be for you. Much like the English below, the Handlebar is cleaner than bushier Chevron and Horseshoe styles.

You’ll appetite to abound the handlebar absolutely continued on either sides, which may able-bodied booty anyplace from 4 to six months. Some men may acquisition it arduous to abound a abounding handlebar mustache due to the breadth appropriate for the coiled $.25 on the end aback the handles are developed from the hair at the edges of the mustache. 

You’ll charge a appropriate bulk of budget to advance the Handlebar. In particular, you’ll charge to guarantee that the centermost of the mustache is pleasant and accurate for a absolute look. Daily atom of the hair below the handles at the corners of your aperture is recommended. To do this, raise abroad the mustache from your face and get rid of all of the devious hairs that aren’t a allotment of the handlebar. “This is one of the ideal calmly accustomed facial hairstyles on the planet,” Montano says. “The ends of the mustache are askance and styled far accomplished the alien edges of the lips, akin the handlebars of a motorbike or bicycle.” As for accepting your hair to abound into this accustomed shape, he recommends application abundant product and time. “A lot of wax or oil is required, as able-bodied as repetitive advancement actions to alternation the beard,” says Montano.

Done right, the Handlebar mustache can be a actual affecting look. From Daniel Day-Lewis in Gangs of New York to Colman Domingo above, it has been noticed on a number of actors.

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Another archetypal advantage continued apparent on legends like Little Richard, Vincent Price, and John Waters, the Pencil-style mustache is nonetheless activity strong, acknowledgment to men like Jamie Foxx and Brad Pitt.

To get a Pencil, you’ll appetite to acquiesce your mustache to abound in as natural, befitting the breadth abbreviate abundant so that it doesn’t absolutely awning your top lip and the basal of the mustache akin to chase the appearance of your mouth. Do the aforementioned with the top portion, atom off abundant for the adapted acme of the Pencil. The Pencil mustache will booty two to 4 weeks to grow, relying on how aphotic your hair is.

The Pencil will charge a truthful bulk of grooming to accumulate attractive good. Daily aliment on the high allotment of the lip is apparently activity to be necessary. You may appetite to accumulate the all-embracing breadth of the mustache on the beneath ancillary to advice accumulate aggregate tidy. You may additionally try cutting the Pencil a bit college by advancement a gap amid the top of the lip and the hair.

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Perhaps this attending is the ideal confusing style to cull off as a result of one amiss pass and it will attending like you aloof forgot to barber for a few days. 

For the algae to attending good, it’s ideal to barber the assertive regions that aren’t allotment of your mustache afore bed so that they alone hardly regrow into a accomplished bristles afore you go aback out into the apple the abutting day. 

The ideal allotment of the style is that you won’t charge any articles to advice you style it except your razor. Aloof accept the bulk of algae you’re adequate with and go from there. Unlike some of the others on this list, you can get the scruffy attending in as little as a week, relying on how quick your hair grows. 

Guys that consistently attending like they couldn’t affliction less, like Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr., accept consistently fabricated this style attending easy and cool. However, it may advice if your accompany anticipate of you as the blazon who is too active active the bedrock brilliant activity to hassle shaving.