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Wednesday, 25 May 2022
4 Methods to Turn Regular Nail Polish Into Matte Nail Polish

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4 Methods to Turn Regular Nail Polish Into Matte Nail Polish

May 25, 2022

More generally than not, the nail brightness decisions that we add to our collections are altered colours of the classic, high-shine finish. And hey, that’s absolutely okay—even if you adopt matte nail looks. Afterwards all, there are a few means you can rework archetypal agleam brightness into the matte colours of your dreams. The ideal accessible of these—as you adeptness accept guessed—is to guarantee your nail color accumulating is total with a matte cape (like OPI Nail Treatment Matte Top Coat, $9), or Côte Matte Top, $21). These polishes are advised to nix flash in the last dehydration process, abrogation you with chic, matte nails in minutes. Of course, if you don’t accept a matte cape in your kit yet, you adeptness be apprehensive if there are added solutions to peruse. Naturally, we’re actuality to let you in on a few solutions that can be accomplished with goods you’re abiding to accept in your home. 

Intrigued? Keep account for 4 means to accomplish matte nail brightness from the abundance of your own kitchen. 

Meet the Expert

  • Sarah Bland is a superstar manicurist and cast agent for Smith & Cult.
  • Cassandra Banel is a Seattle-based nail artisan and adorableness photographer.
  • Winnie Huang is a nail artisan and CND cast ambassador.
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Try Bond Your Brightness With Babyish Crumb

Burt's Bees Baby Blanket Powder $9

Beauty enthusiasts all over the web affirm by powder’s adeptness to zap flash from the end look of any once-shiny polish. "Cornstarch is ideal but you can additionally use babyish powder, accomplished flour, or baking powder," says Bland. "I advance bond it in baby quantities in a abstracted alembic in its place of bond it in your abounding canteen of polish." See beneath for how to accompany the blueprint to life. 


  • Small nail brightness bowl
  • Powder of choice
  • Polish of choice
  • Toothpick


Add a atom of baking powder, cornstarch, or finely-milled abrade to a baby nail brightness basin and mix a few drops of nail color into it with a toothpick. Once absolutely mixed, use the nail brightness besom to administer the color to your nails. Aloof be abiding to absolutely bathe the besom afore placing it aback in the pot of color, as any crumb debris may well rework the absolute canteen of polish.  

While self-proclaimed nail execs beyond the web affirm by this process, Banel doesn’t acclaim it as a aboriginal choice, as the crumb can accident authoritative your brightness look chapped or may alike adapt the color altogether.  

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Addict the Apparent of Your Mani

Blinking Nails Nail Buffer $13

While Banel doesn’t adulation the abstraction of bond crumb with polish, she says that agilely buffing your nails post-paint job can do the trick.  

“If your nail brightness is absolutely convalescent (a few hours afterwards painting) or you are cutting gel, a cool immediate drudge is to aloof agilely absorber the apparent of the nail till the absolute breadth is matte,” she explains. In accession to cutting off the high-shine accomplishment of your polish, she provides that this will additionally bland out the apparent of your nails, giving them a added able look. “Just be abiding not to addict too abundant and abolish all of your topcoat,” she adds, acquainted that accomplishing so can booty abroad from the lifespan of your manicure.  To addict your way to matte perfection, chase the directions below.  


  • Ultra-fine absorber (Banel recommends BlinkingNails Nail Absorber Block, $13)


Once your nail brightness has absolutely broiled (which, by the way, for archetypal brightness may be hours afterwards application), acclaim addict your nails from ancillary to ancillary application the absorber block. A few swipes will do the trick, as you don’t appetite to absolutely abolish all of the topcoat. 

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Beef Your Nails (Carefully) With a Facial Steamer

Conair Moisturizing Facial Sauna $40

Huang says that addition advantage is to beef your nails. When you do so whereas your brightness is drying, it minimizes the high-shine end result. For this accurate method, be abiding to use an absolute facial steamer, which is secure for use on the skin. Attempting to use beef from baking baptize or a accouterment steamer poses the accident of austere burns to the skin.


  • Facial steamer


While nails are nonetheless wet, Huang says to hover your nail trimming over beef from your facial steamer. When you cull your nails abroad from the steam, you’ll apprehension that they’re acutely mattified. 

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Invest in a Matte Top Covering

CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat $11

It adeptness assume like an accessible option, but do not calculation out matte top coats. Portray on a band of matte top covering can rework about any agleam nail bark into a matte dream. In fact, whereas Huang recognizes the admiration for DIY nail carpeting techniques, she nonetheless swears by matte cape aboriginal and foremost. Her go-to is CND Vinylux Matte Top Covering ($11), which will not alone immediately mattify any mani, but guarantee it lasts for weeks on end, too. 


  • Clear matte top covering


After your bark has dried, artlessly besom on a matte top covering (just like you would with a acceptable top coat). This will about-face your absolute brightness from agleam to matte.